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Wood River Fire & Rescue handles a variety of fires. One of the more well known types of fires that we handle are structure fires. The apparatus we use give us the ability to fight fires that are in the smallest of homes to the largest of building in our district. Some single family homes in our district reach 20,000+ square ft. All of our fire fighters are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) that allow them, while wearing a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), to go into the burning buildings to fight the fires and search for people that might be trapped. Most importantly, the equipment we use allows us to do that as safely as possible, but it does not eliminate the danger to our lives. When we are dispatched a working structure fire and feel we might need additional equipment and/or personnel, we don't hesitate to request other departments in the valley to help. This request is called mutual aid and it helps us make sure we get the fire put out quickly and safely with as little property damage as possible.

We are trained and equipped to mitigate Hazardous Materials releases within our jurisdiction.  If an incident becomes too large for us to handle on our own we can call on our county-wide Haz-Mat team or the Idaho State Regional Response Team out of Jerome.
The other major type of fire that we fight are wildland fires. Often times when we are dispatched to a wildland fire, we request help from local valley department and federal departments as well. Wildland fires can grow rapidly so we have to be prepared to protect lives and property in the event that the fire should reach populated areas. Requesting help from other departments can be crucial in ensuring that the fire is contained as quickly and safely as possible. The federal agencies can provide us with equipment such as helicopters, water and slurry bombers, personnel and much more.
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